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Holding PTC credits?
Published on 16-07-2024

I've noticed that when someone buys an advertisement in order to get BUPs and upgrade, he or she doesn't necessarily use those credits to place an ad. Remember, if you purchase "Paid To Click Ads" credits and if you use them, the other users will get more ads and get paid more. So if you wish this site to grow, please place an ad if you already have purchased the credits so that other users can get more ads.

I created a good profitable system, so get familiar with the website and use a calculator if you wish to increase your income.

NOTE: If You're getting an "invalid token" when trying to verify your website, or even viewing ads regularly, try another browser. It looks like this happens often, and I'm working on fixing it.

Instant payments
Published on 30-06-2024

We had an issue processing instant payments (Level 4 and up) from PerfectMoney. I think I fixed it now so let's wait for a new request. Payeer instant payments work perfectly :) again Level 4 and up. Lower levels will have to wait for a manual payment (when I'm available).

Instant payments and renting
Published on 21-06-2024

I'm so happy to annouce that the first Instant PAYEER payout went through:  PAYMENT PROOF

So for 4 level and up instant payments via Payeer are working, now it's time to try to enable via Perfect Money.

Renting referrals: I'm rented 20 referrals myself to see if it pays off, and it looks like the filter is good "32 clicks in the last 7 days".
and for the 50th time: "*Keep in mind that there is no way to predict if the referrals will be active in the future. ", because the only thing I can do is adjust the filter. So please stop messeging me to "fix" a referral that doesn't click. Espcially if you only rented like 1 referral, or 2 out of your 11 don't click. I mean, it's only 0.15$ per referral, plus 50% (45 days) and 70% for extending (90 days). Come on, give me a break.

Take care :)

Renting Referrals
Published on 10-06-2024

Ok, I finally enabled renting referrals. Make sure to understand the whole page: Rent Referrals

I also had to make some small changes to referrals earning commissions: Upgrade/Extend membership

I updated FAQ to be more transparent: F.A.Q.

I hope everyone's satisfied now :)


Buying and Renting Referrals
Published on 05-06-2024

Hello. I've been thinking for a long time about selling and renting referrals. It's a great feature of each PTC website, but the main issue are the price rates?Too expensive, and it would look like a scam, and too cheap will make the site less sustainable.

So I figured it should be dynamic, i.e. no fixed prices like 1$, or 0.5$. I think that the conditions should be dictating the prices and for now, I'm going to enable buying referrals, but the prices will be changed on the daily basis, and I'll try to make it as transparent as possible. Of course the selled referrals will be assigned randomly after a purchase and filtered by how many clicks per day they click.

Renting referrals system will have to wait until I come up with something practical.

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